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Mindblasters USA - Compiled by Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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A New Mind-blowing Collection of Mentalism
from Some of America's Finest Practitioners!

Mind Blasters USA!

Over 350 pages of diabolical creativity!
Over 80 Sensational Routines!
Illustrated with Photographs & Graphics.





After purchasing this over the weekend and investing quite an amount of time reading selective items that were of specific interest already, I have to say that this is a genuine bargain. 

I have no particular affiliation to any of the contributers, other than to say that I have always received first-class service and communication directly from Peter and this case was no different. 

The offering is a true eBook, not a pamphlet as most eBooks are in this artificial World of ours, but 350 pages of varied and thought-provoking material. Whilst I haven't yet read all of Mindblasters USA, I can tell you what most of the readers of this post will know already, that the contributors are an eclectic mix, with offerings ranging from mental magic to mentalism in a purer sense, along with thoughts and ideas on the presentational and commercial aspects of performance. 

There are some items in the book that are not particularly exciting to me and I think that on a project of this size, that is more than understandable, but there were some fantastic pieces that are true gold. 

Dale Hildebrandt's "Multi-Kinesis" is great reading and had me thinking and scribbling notes for 2 hours afterwards. 

Chuck Hickok's comments were 'on the money'; literally. 

There were even a few surprises that I didn't expect, such as Kenton Knepper's "Tin Box" which I will try and make up sometime this week to experiment! 

I will re-read Allen Zing's "Open Confabulation" again tonight as it seemed to have some interesting aspects that might help with something I have been working on for a while. 

On top of that, you have some consistent high-quality producers, such as Sean Waters etc. throwing a few effects in along the way. 

This book is worth every penny! 

Alan  (AJB6864 on


PDF 1st edition 2011; 350 pages.