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Mind Your Business Project by Pablo Amira - VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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"Mind your Business are powerful and simple to do routines that you can add immediately to your repertoire. The method of the book test is worth the entire price of this project! Love it!"
-Luca Volpe

A prominant mentalist, Pablo Amira has been passionately performing and creating magic for well over a decade. With a background in psychology, Pablo brings an authenticity to his mentalism that really allows him to connect with his spectators to truly give them a memorable experience. In this download, you'll learn two easy to perform yet very effective impromptu mentalism routines that are taken directly from his professional working repertoire.

In Georgia Miracle, the spectator shuffles the deck then selects a card from behind your back and puts it in their pocket without looking at it. Next, they randomly create an imaginary playing card and like a miracle, it matches the physical card they selected. You'll not only learn one, but two methods, that you can combine and use in your walk-around set.

In Business Book Test, grab your favorite book and get inside your spectators head when you accurately divine their thought of word. This impromptu book test requires no sleight of hand and can be done with any book, even a borrowed one.

These routines have been tested and used in the real world by Pablo Amira, and they're so easy to perform that you can focus on getting inside your spectator's head and connecting on a deeper emotional level. Get your audiences believing and create amazing moments with Mind Your Business.

"Mind Your Business is another engaging work from the mind of Pablo Amira! Pablo's exceptional skill remains his unified theoretical view of the art of mentalism, and his ability to create organic mental miracles with methods that are both practical and subtle. Like any good equation, Mind Your Business is elegant and efficient."
- Frater Sparrow

"Pablo doesn't just teach you the demonstration in detail, but you will also find several principles that will allow you to create more impactful performances. Personally I use the "Business Book Test" in my professional repertoire and it plays huge. Pablo knows what he is talking about."
- Aaron Vlack