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Mind Veil - By J Prager - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Face your spectator and ask him or her to draw something in a notepad while you hold it without looking. You close it, put it away and can immediately reveal the drawing.
No gimmicks, no impression devices, nothing—just a notepad that you can easily get and a marker.
Very clean and direct as mind reading should be!
Mind Veil is a very powerful tool that you will carry with you all the time!



“Love your stuff! Bob Nelson and Al Koran, both very dear friends, would have enjoyed your thinking a great deal. No doubt about it Keep up the good work.” Damon Reinbold (Magician and Hypnotist)

“You’re going to love it. More importantly, you’re going to use it.” Gary Kriss

“Thank you for this terrific idea!!!” John Palazzo

“He’s done it again! A great idea at a bargain price. Elegant in its simplicity and using nothing but an “off the shelf” product.” Dick Christian

“Get it before Jose realizes how much it’s actually worth!”Tony Brand
“Mind Veil is a winner and a worker!” Ray Noble

“Following on from the success of Liebrary Jose has certainly come up with another worthy contribution to our art.” NeilS



 PDF Download compatible with PC, Mac and iPhone software.

1st edition 2011