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Mind Blasters 2 By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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The new collection of mind-blowing English mind magic!

Once again, some of England's top mentalist's tip their mitt. Following the success of Mind Blasterswe now have: Mind Blasters II - the Sequel!

  • 220 pages
  • 45 contributors
  • over 60 sensational routines
  • fully illustrated with photographs & graphics
  • the price is criminally low


The list of contributors and routines is hard to believe:
  1. Wayne Dobson: Tax / TLC
  2. Marc Paul: Square Thoughts / T.A.R.P. Squared
  3. Simon Shaw: Stuck for Words
  4. Mike Hopley: Crystal Clear / Beyond Chance
  5. Craig Petty: Frick Off! / Psychic Paper Clip
  6. John Holt: Hit List / Open Minded
  7. Andi Gladwin: Peeked Too Soon
  8. Doug Segal: The Shadow Knows
  9. Lewis Jones: The Odd Couple / Impulse
  10. Tom Lauten: Stepping Stones
  11. Anthony Brahams: Spectator Reads the Pockets
  12. Mark Ashcroft: The Robber
  13. Steve Cook: Matched / Auto ESP
  14. Barry Cooper: A Special Place
  15. Paul Gordon: "Mentalist's" Muldoon Match / Sum Of All (Hidden) Parts
  16. James Ward: Wishful Thinking
  17. Christopher William: Dropped Card Trick
  18. Todd Landman: The Presence of Mind
  19. Andrew Brown: Design Psychometry / The Stop Trick
  20. Dan Burgess: Simulacrum / Enigma unshuffled
  21. Sean Carpenter: Zodiac Double
  22. Scott Creasey: Close Up Dupe / The Druid's Eye
  23. Roger Curzon: Coinomancy
  24. Justin Higham: Mindreader's Pipe Dream
  25. Shiv Duggal: Psychic Journey / Taste Buds
  26. David Gemmell: Thanks to James / 3-4-1
  27. Joel Dickinson: Sybil's Pick
  28. Chris Wardle: It's a Gift! / Squared Circle Prediction
  29. Stephen Tucker: First Spot / Freer Chance
  30. Roger Ferriby: Cajun Joe and The Absinthe Bar
  31. Chris Hare: Taken a Step Further
  32. Russell Hall: Tri-Psyche
  33. Ben Highway: The Serial Effect
  34. Walt Lees: Note a Chance
  35. Stephen Jones: COPS / Droodlesp
  36. Ian A. Thomson: Bank Nite Congealed
  37. Jamie Dawes: Psychological Jukebox
  38. Jozsef Kovacs: Colour Scheme
  39. Roni Shachnaey: Add a Number, Hate a Number
  40. Al Smith: Before the Fire / Beat Tapper
  41. Dominic Twose: A Fruitful Trick
  42. Martin Jacobs: Dice Counting
  43. Liam Montier: Sleuth / Mapped Out
  44. David Penn: Bluff Headline Prediction
  45. Harold Cataquet: Little Miracles

  224 pages.



TYPE: PDF 224 pages (4MB)

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download (worldwide)

Magic Tricks Difficulty level 1 (Basic sleights/self working)