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Milo and Roger A Magical Life



One of the greatest comedy magic acts of the twentieth century. Two boys from poor families, Arthur Brandon and Roger Coker growing up in Ohio, discovered a shared passion, magic, which would lead them from Midwest America to Hollywood, Seattle, Japan, China, Thailand, Europe, New York, Las Vegas, Paris and dozens of other locations across the globe, where they performed for forty-six years in some of the worst and most of the best places in the world!

Arthur Brandon takes you through this oddest of odysseys, populated by a rich and quirky cast of characters, from the eccentrics of small-town America to the lunacy of Hollywood and its stars. As he and his partner Roger worked their way up the rungs of show-business success to become one of the most sought-after comedy magic acts in the world, Arthur chronicled their struggle, from near starvation and death to life among the famous, wealthy and privileged. The result is a book that reads like a picaresque novel, full of memorable characters that walk the canvas of the world from one amazing incident to the next.

MILO & ROGER is a pure romp, the story of a semi-charmed life filled with the magic of the stage and the magic of our world, as perceived by a comic mystic with a sharp eye for the mysteries around us. It is a book full of humor, humanity, bawdiness, and poignancy, and from its pages springs forth a fascinating life that wanders bemused from the stages of church basements to carnivals, from minstrel shows to Asian hostess clubs, from medicine pitches to Broadway, and from television studios to the most prestigious stages in the world. This is the magical world of Milo & Roger, and one of the most entertaining autobiographies ever written.