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Metalism - Self Bending Paperclip (DVD and Props) by Menny Lindenfeld - DVD




Menny Lindenfeld started the METALISM project back in 1999. For over 10 years, he has worked to create a massive archive of professional metal bending magic tricks. It's a unique collection that the magic community has never had before.

Finally Lindenfeld opens his metal bending secrets to you.  He teaches you his best magic secrets. Discover and perform fresh metal bending magic, new techniques, moves and methods for professional metal bending at an all new level.

Episode | 01
Self Bending Paperclip:

In the 1st DVD of METALISM - The Self Bending Paperclip - magic tricks creator, Menny Lindenfeld, shows you two methods (gimmick and impromptu) to perform a stunning and very visual metal bending magic trick with an everyday object, a paperclip! You will be taught to fully control the metal bend timing, pace and shape, at the same time, causing the paperclip to impossibly bend by itself.

  • Original idea.
  • 100% visual effect.
  • Only 30 seconds to prepare.
  • Easy to master and perform
  • Fully controlled bend timing, pace and shape.
  • No freezing or heating.
  • Packs small and plays big.
  • Compatible with all common paperclip sizes.
  • DVD + Gimmick included

 "In the Impromptu version you use a completely ordinary paperclip (works with any size of clip) that you pick up from somewhere (prepare while talking to someone -- takes only a brief moment). Once ready you can start using it -- and the cool part is you can use it over and over again ( when performing around tables). And you can give it out as a souvenir or if you prefer to use again simply reset it (in 2 sec)."

Exclusive Bonus eBook

Customers that order Metalism - Self Bending Paper Clip from The Merchant of Magic, also receive an additional free ebook teaching Menny Lindenfeld's  LOOPS routine. If you already own or use LOOPS by Yigal Mesika, this is not to be missed.