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Messiah A Torn - By Michael Ford - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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The Messiah is Michael Ford's answer to the TnR card. In this super clean TnR you can show the fronts and the backs of the spectator's card all throughout the tearing and restoration process, oh and did we mention it is impromptu? Two versions are taught, the main handling is an impromptu handling, no prep is needed and only one card is used. This version results in a seemingly full restoration, the card is not able to be exmained or inspected at the end of the routine, well every effect has its compromises, however the tearing sequence, visual restorations and no prep time elevate this version to warrant serious consideration.


If you want a full restoration that can be examined immediately at the end then do not worry, Michael has your back! A second version is taught that can be signed by the spectator during the routine and once restored can be immediately examined and kept by the spectator.

Points to remember:

Two versions taught, impromptu (not fully examinable) and not quite so impromptu (yet fully examinable at the end)

See front and back of card during whole tearing process

See front and back during the whole restoration sequence too!

Card is signed by spectator

Impromptu handling uses only one card!