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Mesika Ring Flight



"So much fun to use and incredibly easy. I don't do sleight of hand, so I never thought I could do this trick. Not only is it easy for a beginner, it's also amazing when you know how it's done. I can't recommend this enough. - Harry J

 Just imagine: you borrow a ring and place it in your left hand. You then clearly show your right hand empty, reach into your pocket, pull out your keys, and give them to the spectator as collateral.
Now, get this: you make the ring vanish and reappear instantly on a short chain connected to the keys your spectator is holding in their hands. Your audience's jaws will drop, and their eyes will pop!

While the Ring Flight has been a favourite among magicians for decades, none of the variations has proven practical for real-world, everyday performances. Originally, the reel rattled around inside a leather key case, and more modern versions hid the mechanism inside a fake, bulky key fob, which created the hassle of carrying around two sets of keys.

But Mesika Ring Flight (a best seller at FISM in Quebec, Canada) is in a class all its own. Genius inventor Yigal Mesika has forever raised the bar on this classic by building the secret into a lightweight, ordinary-looking car key! You're reading this correctly; the patented micro-reel hides in plain sight within a very slim car key. Your audiences will never suspect a thing, making this the most practical, powerful Ring Flight ever invented.

"The beauty of Mesika's Ring Flight is found in its simplicity. A classic gimmick reinvented."
- Laurent Piron

"Mesika's Ring Flight defies all expectations. It takes the classic ring flight to a whole new level. This is a game-changer!"
- Shoot Ogawa

"Packed Small Plays Big! The Mesika Ring Flight is the best I have ever seen."
- Yunke 

This game-changing device includes a 20-minute tutorial with three brand-new, high-impact presentations you'll perform anytime, anywhere. Yigal Mesika will teach you to use this James Bond-worthy gimmick and make your audiences scream with excitement like never before. You'll learn routines, subtleties, and misdirections that propel your magic to new heights.

Mesika Ring Flight features:

  • Stealth design
  • Smooth retraction
  • Noise cancellation
  • Foolproof hookup and an elegant silver chain
  • Zero resets time-instantly ready and repeatable
  • First-class quality from the brand you trust
  • Patented Utility Device
  • Bonus: Rolling Ring, a mesmerizing, killer flourish!
  • Fully UK Warranty and Aftercare Service

Engineered and crafted from the ground up, Mesika Ring Flight will last you for years.

It's truly the world's finest Ring Flight and the last one you'll ever need to stop.