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Merge - By John Stessel and Justin Miller - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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John Stessel has created a great NEW principle in card magic tricks that will blow you away. It is visual and easy to do!

Merge is a great concept that you can apply to your card magic tricks right away!

You can literally borrow a deck of playing cards and perform Merge with them, you could even borrow a hair band instead of using a rubber band making it not only an easy magic trick but a very practical one too! One might even call it impromptu!

The video download is 1 hour and 30 mins long and is jammed full of expert tuition by Justin himself making sure you learn everything you need to about Merge

    •    The Merge -Change a card visually while wrapped in a rubber-band!
    •    4=A -A great  visual opener for ANY 4 card effect!
    •    B's-Deep Transpo - A signed 2 card 360 transpo that is great for walk around!
    •    MergeTranspo - A 2 phase, visual transpo while encased in a rubber-band!
    •    Merge Prediction - An open prediction with a hint of KICK ASS!
    •    Thinktrivert !!BONUS!! -A thought of Triumph with a KICKER visual!
    •    Acetrivert !!BONUS!! - A virtually sleight free miracle!
    •    Ghost A.C.R !!BONUS!! -A visually, eerie, Ghost ACR! This is the stuff we dream of!
    •    Ghost Vanish !!BONUS!! -Like Ghost A.C.R but with a  vanish from the deck with no sticky stuff and cause it to reappear where ever you like.

Plus you will learn JM's NEW Saber Change and force.

What ALL good magic should look like!



"The most visual and easy change of 2013! NO MORE ERDNASE!" -Ryan X-

"I knew what merge was before I bought it, I still passed over my money purely because I wish I had thought of it!  It's a stunning little piece of eye candy.. bravo!" -Alan Rorrison-

"This is high impact, jaw dropping visual card magic at its best. The well thought through video lessons make Merge really easy to learn. Absolutely killer --- period! This gets my highest recommendation!" -D. Ulin, Los Angeles, CA-

"So Easy, So Clean, So Visual!...I'll be using this one for sure! Kudos to JM and John Stessel for this little gem!" -Adam Wilber (Project Manager for Ellusionist)

"This is the best download JM has put out..ever! And it just looks unbelievable,good job guys!" -Saha Crespi-

"I find this very refreshing. So simple, but as we all know, the simpler the better in magic. And this is definitely the case for MERGE. This is an awesome utility move!" -RNK-

"This is a worker! Hit the buy button now. It's less then cost of a dinner out but using this tool you will earn free meals. Trust me I did =)" -Altrez-

Compatible with PC, iPhone, Mac or iPad.