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Mentallica eBook - Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Have you ever wondered what routines or presentations a professional performer uses? Ever wanted to be a fly on a wall at a performance so you could soak up all the different subtleties and tips that turn a trick into a miracle? If the answer is yes then Mentallica is the eBook for you.
Mentallica is Ben Harris' latest offering and inside its pages are all of Ben's secrets and presentations from his one man show Hellucinations.

The majority of effects are NEW PRESENTATIONS and uses for existing props like: The Mother of All Book Tests, Looch’s Area Book Test, Glance, Promystic’s Multi-Dimensional (and MD Mini), Nitinol keys (like Elusionist’s, Shift), and even Chris Congreave’s amazing Zippo gimmick: Light.
Not only do you get the presentations and routines Ben has devised for these professional props but you also get a drawing duplication method that is simple and easy to do, but worthy of TV. Here is a little background into the drawing duplication that you may find interesting. 
Ben Harris created this drawing duplication method for his infamous TV stand off with Uri Gellar. Uri, as you may know was very famous throughout the 70's and 80's having many prime time slots on TV. Ben was asked to go head to head with Uri on TV, Uri to be demonstrating his psychic abilities and Ben to be playing the part of the skeptic trying to replicate Uri's abilities through fraudulent means. Ben's drawing duplication perfectly replicated Uri's and is a perfect effect for TV or stage. A spectator will swear that they drew a picture, (which was a free choice of theirs), whilst in a room on their own and immediately sealed that drawing in an envelope which has been in their possession at all times and has never been touched by anyone else. You are of course able to easily replicate the drawing using Ben's very clever and sly method. 

Mentallica will give you entirely new presentational concepts making all of these effects appear NEW, FRESH and ORIGINAL. We explore Woodstock (yes, flashback to 1969), X-Ray Vision, enhancement of the bending effect, Three-Dimensional “Remote Viewing,” Drawing Duplication, Any Card At Any Number, even the “Cold Reading” of automobiles!

Ben also re-visits his most recent release, A Thought Well Stolen -- providing his ‘director’s cut’ -- leaving the impression that only ONE DECK has been in play. The refined handling enhances the ACAAN portion of the effect, ditching the flashy finale. It also leaves the spectator with a little gift. Routined for the serious mentalist.

Photo-illustrated, 46 pages with cover. Format: PDF.