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Mental Deceptions Vol. 1 by Rick Maue - DVD




This DVD Shows you all types of mentalism butnone of the tricks require you to buy any gimmicks. All the tricks simply use household items.

All the performances also require no sleight of hand so its perfect for beginners as all the tricks are so easy to perform.

The DVD also includes an in depth interview with Rick Maue which gives you a glimpse into his mind and how he works.

Volume 1 features:

Heads & Tales- Rick has used this routine for over 10 years now as his opening trick. A guaranteed winner.
Group Dynamic- One of the most versatile tricks that can be performed on stage or close up.
Reverse roulette- A Classic poison roullete trick but with an unusual twist.
The hole card- Quick and easy poker based magic trick.
Mixed Emotions- A powerful mentalism effect that enables you to read a spectators mind from across the room.
Body Language- An effective chair routine that can be performed anytime with everything required fitting in your pocket.
Focused thoughts/ Dichotomy- Basic card effects that explain easy but effective techniques.
Fate?- An amazing but effective trick that involves 4 spectators.
Interviews (with Francis Menotti)
Bonus feature: Seeds- The hand-out force; the classic pass false cut; Ashes from the palm.