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Melt - Evolution of a Deck Vanish - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Melt - Evolution of a Deck Vanish
By Erik Ostresh

Regarded by magicians as the best vanishing deck gimmick created to date.

A spectator picks a card, remembers it, and even signs it. The magician cleanly inserts the card into the front of the pack. He then spreads the deck showing that the card is lost somewhere in the pack. With no funny moves he squeezes the deck and it literally "melts" in his hand, leaving only one card, the spectator's signed selection!

The meLt ebook not only teaches you how to make the is a full 110 page book that includes two routines, instructions on how to make three different versions of the gimmick, and bonus effects and presentations.


What you will learn:

  • How to make three versions of the gimmick.
  • The basic Routine (described above).
  • Lornie's Game - A routine that begins with a vanishing deck, then builds as several different cards are produced from thin air, and finally a card changes into a pool ball that the spectator had thought of only moments before!
  • "meLt" Sandwich - A joker is placed on the top and bottom of the deck face up. Then the card is inserted in the deck. The deck melts in between the Jokers, leaving only the spectators card in between the Jokers.
  • Omni-"meLt" - Using a version of the "meLt" gimmick to make your Omni Deck routine look even more baffling!
  • Thoughts on equivoque, pool ball productions, pool ball holdouts, using extra subtleties such as fanning the deck and shuffling the deck to help "sell" your performance, and thoughts on performance and character.
meLt isn't just another vanishing deck is the ultimate "utility" deck vanishing gimmick. You are not constrained to using it in one particular way that can be applied to only a single effect. Almost any effect you would like to do that includes a vanishing deck can be done with the "meLt" gimmick.
PDF Ebook for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad
+ All good eReaders that support PDF Files
Please note: The ebook teaches you in detail how to make the gimmick yourself. You will need to gather a few things you will most likely not have lying around.


"Erik's thinking on this is exceptional; its original, the instructions are understandable, and, most importantly, the routines and principles are practical. If you are looking for an amazing piece of card chicanery to add to your repertoire look no further." - Peter Turner



"Melt is the type of gimmick that is so versatile and powerful that that once you start using it you won't go back.The book was filled, from start to finish, with fresh innotive ideas and good detailed instructions. This simple to construct, jaw dropping deck vanish is a must have for any card magician's arsenal." - David Sena