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Mask of Sanity by Kevin Schaller - VIDEO INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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How to slam a drinking straw inside a sealed bottle.

Mask of Sanity is Kevin Schaller's modern approach of the classic penetration magic trick using ordinary objects. Being highly visual and ultra easy to perform makes it the perfect street magic trick you can do anywhere. Check out Mask of Sanity in action:


It's so practical:

1) Any bottle works, even glass bottles

2) Almost self working. If you want trouble free magic that you will be performing right away, this is a great addition to your skill set.

3) Ideal for mult-performance situations. It resets in just 5 seconds!


Questions and Answers


Can I use any bottle?

Yes, any bottle works, even glass bottles.


Is the bottle examinable?

It's 100% examinable. You could even borrow a bottle! Kevin borrows a bottle every time he performing it as walking around with your own bottle seems kind of strange.


'Kevin showed me this a while ago and I'm so glad he has released it. Completely fooled me and the method is as cool as the effect, and you will love performing this trick.' - Oliver Smith


Is Mask of Sanity easy to set up?

Getting ready to perform this is childs play. Kevin shows you everything you need to know, to start performing this.


'Just downloaded it. The gimmick very easy to make. Eye candy for sure. There is some clean up after, but it's not hard. Yes you can do this with any bottle' - Mr Effecto

'So I just purchased this effect and I couldn't be happier with it. Aside from the visuals of the effect, I really appreciate a solid and new method. I have always been a fan of Kevin's work and this effect only added to my liking of his stuff more. Excellent job Kevin! The method is super clever!!!!' - WeiserSide


Is this really impromptu or is it just YouTube magic?

It is not impromptu, but if you carry the gimmick with you, you can use any bottle to perform it with, even glass bottles. It is not YouTube magic. Kevin has been refining and performing it for years before publishing. What you see is what you get.


'All I can say is this is awesome! The method is just as clever as the effect, and if any of you are looking for an effect that is cool and will stimulate your creative process check this out for sure!' - John Stess


'Incredible method!!!!!  This is just one of those effects that is so clever and visual, you'd be stupid not to perform it.' - Geraint Clarke