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MASK - Mind Readers Peek Pad By Reg Blackwood - Ebook


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This peek pad allows you to find out information written

by a spectator in a small closed note book.


Being able to have someone write down a word, a picture, or a phrase, secretly, yet you can know easily exactly what they have written.

Magicians use a peek pad for a huge range of magic tricks. Any information you need to secretly find out, is easy to get. From mind reading magic tricks to predictions, a peek pad is one of the most valuable tools a magician can own.

Some peek pads can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds, full of complex electronics. They make nice gadgets, but working magicians don't really need them. They just need a practical, low cost, reliable peek pad they can use on a daily basis.

To use the Mask Peek Pad, you just put it behind your back to secure it using a normal rubber band. Then you put the peek pad inside an envelope, making this even more impossible. 

The peek pad doesn't need to be a special gimmicked pad, it's completely unprepared, and should be used for other normal uses during your other magic tricks. It can be fully examined and checked out.

How to use the Peek Pad

Mask Peek Pad can work for you in the following ways:

  • You can use the peek pad to tip off another spectator or a stooge with the information written in the pad.
  • You can do classic mind reading magic tricks, like guessing a word or picture.
  • If you do a magic square magic trick, use the pad to secretly find out the spectators initial number, then create a magic square for the number, without ever seeming to have known it!

The Mask Peek Pad works great for drawing duplications.

Many peek pads only give you some of the surface area on a page to use. The Mask Peek Pad allows you to peek the WHOLE PAGE, so there is no worry about spectators writing on the page wherever THEY like.  

This ebook shows you how to set up your own MASK peek pad in less than 5 minutes. It's super simple to put together, but you will need to buy  your own cheap note pad to use. 

The Mask Peek Pad resets almost instantly so it's idea for table hopping or walk around mind readers, street magicians or close up working professionals.