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Manual Impact - By Chris Piercy - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Manual Impact explains very new fresh ideas and twists on some old and new plots that are a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to read. There is a sense of elegance to Chris’ type of magic that I have not seen for some time, This is a trip back to really see what magic looks like when performed in traditional classic environments (dimly lit restaurants, you know the drill!) These effects are easily and beautifully transferable into modern bar and restaurant work too.

Chris has given us an insight into fresh ideas of elegant magic. He’s a smooth Criminal!


Manual Impact is a collection of tricks and effects that I know you will find enjoyable perform. Chris Piercy is the first to admit that he is not the world’s greatest sleight of hand artist and would never confess to be. You will not find too many moves that harbour too much risk of getting caught as it is not his style. What you WILL find is that the effects in this ebook are well routined, do not involve any unnecessary handling, are good fun to perform and most importantly pack a nice strong punch!




This first section of the book will show you how to perform a few of the lesser known or lesser used sleights that my tricks use - in all instances I would recommend learning them from the original, more detailed, source which is included in the explanation of each.


A spectator reverses a card in the deck, the performer then shows that this matches a card he reversed in a different coloured deck earlier. It is then revealed that the spectator reversed the only different coloured card in the deck and so did the performer.


Two cards are selected and change places within two sealed envelopes. Finish completely clean.


A card is shown, spun into the air and caught – when shown again it has changed.


A card is freely selected and lost into the deck; the spectator and performer draw one side of the selected card each on a blank card that visually changes into the selected card one side at a time.


After failing to find the correct card three times, the performer gives up and is revealed to have succeeded after all.


A signed selection appears at any three separate locations in the pack.


A double backer turns into a thought of card.


Three spectators choose a card each, sign them, return them to the deck and then are asked by the performer to find them again themselves. They succeed but only to be revealed as cheats!


A spectator unwittingly manages to predict his or her own selected card using a Rubik’s cube.


A card to spectator’s pocket group effect.


Manual Impact is STUFFED FULL of photo illustrations, and in Chris's trademark style, he takes you slowly through each trick, showing you not just the mechanics, but also his personal performing style.  Suggestions are also given to help you make each effect suit your own personal style.



TYPE:  PDF Ebook for Mac and PC 

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Magic Tricks Difficulty level 2 (Basic sleights)

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‘Manual Impact’ requires spectators in formal attire, but the effect is ideal for occasions that require formal attire. A spectator is chosen to help the magician, and they ‘help’ in a very fun way. It requires a slightly bold move (okay, I’ll admit I’m a coward with these kinds of moves), but this is the kind of routine that is designed to take time with and have real fun. An impressive way to end a performance, and an impressive way to end an impressive book.

I highly recommend this ebook for many reasons. It’s always enlightening to see how others have narrowed their skill set with the sleights they’ve chosen to concentrate on. Chris’s choices of sleights are not easy – I’m immediately intimidated by anything attached to Bertram – but the routines are convincing reasons to work on them. The selfish reason I recommend the book is that I found much to inspire me – routines to work on, but also ideas to play around with in my own work. Also, the book is simply a valuable contribution to magic literature. There are a variety of effects with a lot of room to personalize, and a good variety of methods that will exercise but not bust your knuckles.' - Mrehula




'This Ebook has some GREAT thinking and some really interesting tricks, I honestly think Chris will be a STRONG magic force, in the near future. I patriculay loved ACAVN and Unprint. Well done Chris!' - Kyle MacNeill 




'I would especially recommend Animate 2.0, the hand-drawn card to real card effect for the way it would seem to engage the audience, and I would also recommend the effect for which the book is titled, Manual Impact, the card in audience-member's pocket routine... I liked the clear, step-by-step explanations, photos where photos were needed, and additional work put in on two tricks (Animate 2.0 and Rubiculous) on alternate methods when a trick used unusual objects or difficult-to-learn sleights.

My impression of the book is very positive. Good magic in there, and odds are its readers will find something they will want to add to their sets.

Overall impression:
An very good first e-book by Chris. After only a few days, I can't tell how many (if any) of his effects will go into my set, especially since these need real-world reactions by an audience to see if they match my performing personality and the audiences I play to. But there are interesting routines that I am willing to learn and give a try -- and that's one of the most important things you ask from an e-book.' - Bill Gussen 




'This is really solid work  many different directions and done well!
This ebook isn't stereotyped, it's fresh and I feel like it's had a lot of effort and thought behind it. The tricks work well together while being different. The workings of the tricks and the reveals have purpose and don't feel like gimmicks or silly ideas.

I really like it and feel that it can make me think differently about some things.' - Olympic Adam