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Mammon - By Cedric Taylor - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Do you like Russian Roulette routines but don’t like the danger issue of impaling yourself or worse? Do you like Bank Night effects but feel they are a bit like saying, ‘I’m a clever magician, you can’t win my money’?

Well Cedric Taylor - The Urban Entity has an answer for you with Mammon.

Mammon is Cedric’s take on the Russian Roulette/Bank Night routine that has absolutely no danger yet retains all of the thrills associated with these routines.

With Mammon the hook is that you are not using the threat of you being hurt or injured, the hook is that you are using money, and not your’s either! You borrow a banknote from a spectator and have them place it in one of 5 pay envelopes, they then place a blank piece of paper into the remaining four envelopes. All of this is done with your back turned if you wish. The envelopes are mixed and you the magician one by one destroy the envelopes until there is only one left. The spectator opens it up and breathes a sigh of relief as he or she finds their banknote unharmed.

This is a great display of remote viewing, it also could be done in a fashion of reading body language if you wish to present it that way too. You can really turn up the heat on the psychological factors in play here and sell this as a mentalism routine with a very real feeling.

Also it uses the spectator’s money so you peek your spectator’s interest immediately! Mammon is easy to perform and is a great example of packing small and playing big.

Mammon is the third installment of instant download PDFs from Cedric Taylor - The Urban Entity.