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MagicSeen Magazine Issue 47 - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Issue 47 is packed full of creative magic. It contains the amazing thinking of Angelo Carbone, the magic genius of French magician Mickael Chatelain and the magical thoughts and theories of international mind reader Paul Stockman. Honestly, if these don't get you excited, nothing could.

Right at the beginning of Magicseen's life, they featured a great section on the Cups and Balls. Now they are focusing on the classic trick's 'tiny brother', The Chop Cup, they cover one of close up's most popular magic tricks and give you tonnes of reviews of Chop Cup releases to get you started.

In the past they printed the first part of an advice guide on how to approach a your spectators  at their table, and now in the second part, we offer help and pointers for how to best enter into a group at a walk-around event where your spectators are standing.

Now, the issue would not be complete without the usual review of the magic tricks waiting to tempt you, plus your comments in the letters or quick round up of news snippets. It even has a magic chat with actress Helen Baxendale and Green Day drummer Tre Cool.