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This edition of Magicseen stars one of magic and mentalism's best thinkers. Not only is he a highly successful performer, he is also one of the worlds's top consultants having worked with Derren Brown on many of his projects. We are of course talking about the one and only Andy Nyman, as well and being all of these great things in our industry he is also a greatly talented writer and stage and film actor. We strap Andy to a chair for a few minutes so that we can catch up with all the latest from this human whirlwind.

Another feature is an interview with Steve Gore, Steve is multi talented and has a career that involves a mix of magic , stilt walking, Diablo, juggling and balloon modelling. All of these things are part of Steve's career as well as being a successful creator and lecturer, he has even helped Dynamo with his magic in his early years before super stardom!

The 10th South Tyneside Magic Convention also features where Magicseen will be talking to some of the star performers of the upcoming convention in March. A stage hypnotist and a medical hypnotist are put together to try to find out who's right and who is wrong! Anyone interested in  props from before their time will enjoy the interview with the Magic Collectors who preserve and catalogue magic artefacts from years gone by. Also to top it all off, your results are in for the official Magciseen Awards, find out who you thought were the ones to watch from 2012. Add to this the Masterclass, letters, news, masses of reviews and more and it's a hugely busy issue which we are sure you will love. So go grab a cuppa and sit down, relax and enjoy Magicseen Issue 49.

Also in issue #49

• Paul Daniels

• Charlie Frye

• Sylvester The Jester