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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Machine - By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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The effect is simple.

One spectator is asked to think of a word. A second spectator writes the word.

Neither have any clue how it could possibly have happened.

Spirit writing? Synchronicity? It's up to YOU to decide how you'd like to explain the incredible experience your participants will have just waltzed through.

MACHINE will teach you how to construct a simple, yet ingenious gimmick to make this effect clean and direct in method so that you can use the included presentation or put your all into your own.

The MACHINE gimmick could be used on stage, at a table, on the street or anywhere else you can think of. One MACHINE gimmick will last you hundreds of performances.

There's no maths, no rough and smooth, no short and long and no messing about - The gimmick does almost all of what little work there is involved in the effect. 

This IS something that you will use time and time again, and blow minds time and time again.

Will you become a SLAVE to the MACHINE?


TYPE:  PDF ebook for Mac and PC

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download (worldwide)

Magic Tricks Difficulty level 1 (Basic sleights/self working)

FILE SHARING TRACKING/PROTECTION: Embedded watermark customer details