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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Lubors Lens - by Paul Harris



One of our most popular magic tricks - Your buddy holds a pen on her open palm as you hold a clear "Charge card Protector" merely above the pen.

You show a bizarre optical illusion ... and simply give the plastic lens a twist. The centre of the pen suddenly becomes TRANSPARENT ... and then completely vanishes! She can easily see right through her spread fingers where the centre of the pen was a second ago! One more twist of the lens and the vanished pen centre will all of a sudden become VISIBLE once more!

BUT THAT'S JUST THE START! You then little by little turn the lens once again ... and she will see the center of the pen noticeably DISTORTS ... then MELTS into a WEIRD TWISTED MESS !! However, this time the magical illusion is REAL ... and the odd twisted form is now a PERMANENT part of the pen ... You can even let your spectator keep the deformed pen as a souvenir. And yes, it still composes!

THERE'S NO EXPLANATION! ... except that the lens is not a thing you would prefer to keep anywhere near any of your favoured body parts.

No Switches or Bonus Pieces to worry about, magic tricks simply don't get any easier than this to do!

All you require is the special patented Lubor's Lens and a regular pen (which you can set up in just a couple of seconds).