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LSQ - Free Alternative to Roughing Spray - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Turn Any Deck of Playing Cards Into a Rough and Smooth Deck

The Instant FREE Alternative to Roughing Fluid

We've teamed up with Professional Magician Alan Rorrison to teach you how to make rough and smooth playing cards. Instantly, super easy, and with hassle and mess. You will be able to rough and smooth any playing cards whenever you want. 

Rough and smooth playing cards are specially treated cards that have been altered to have a different texture on their surfaces. Rough cards have a slightly gritty feel, while smooth cards are, as the name suggests, smooth to the touch. These alterations may seem subtle, but they are significant in a magician's performance.

One of the primary reasons magicians use rough and smooth playing cards is to achieve secret manipulations without arousing suspicion from the audience. For example, a magician may use rough cards to create friction, allowing them to easily control the placement of a card during a shuffle or reveal. The rough texture provides a grip, making it easier for the magician to hold, move, or perform a specific manoeuvre with the card, all while appearing completely natural to the audience.

On the other hand, smooth cards are used for different purposes. The smooth texture allows magicians to perform smooth and seamless card flourishes, such as fans, spreads, or spins, without any friction. This adds to the aesthetic appeal of the performance and enhances the overall visual impact.

Another common use of rough and smooth playing cards is in the creation of "gaffed" or "trick" cards. These are cards that have been altered to have hidden features, such as marked cards or cards with hidden compartments. Rough and smooth surfaces can be used to conceal these alterations, making them virtually undetectable to the audience's eyes.

In addition to their functional uses, rough and smooth playing cards also add an element of intrigue and mystery to a magician's performance. By manipulating cards in seemingly impossible ways, magicians can create an air of wonder and astonishment, leaving audiences amazed and curious about how they accomplished their tricks.

Rough and smooth playing cards are powerful tools in a magician's toolkit, allowing them to execute intricate manipulations, create hidden features, and enhance the visual impact of their performances. The subtle textures of these cards add an extra layer of mystery and wonder to the art of magic, leaving audiences captivated and eager to experience more of the impossible. Next time you watch a magician perform, pay close attention to the cards they use - you may catch a glimpse of their secret weapon at play!

Why the free LSQ technique is so much better than using standard roughing fluid:

  • You can instantly create invisible rough and smooth playing cards.
  • LSQ gives you fingertip control of the rough and smooth action.
  • You get more control of the playing cards compared to fluid or sprays.
  • LSQ is invisible once applied.
  • You can ‘activate’ the rough and smooth action whenever needed.
  • LSQ is up to three times faster to apply to your playing cards.
  • No drying time is required.
  • Allows an impromptu set-up.
  • With LSQ you can give away playing cards and replace them instantly.
  • Works with any make of playing cards.
  • Much, much more.