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Lost Souls by Peter Wilton - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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A Collection Of Impossible Location Methods


Within this ebook you will find a number of card effects based around the 'Impossible Location' presentation. Essentially the main effect is that a freely chosen card is lost in the deck by the spectator under impossible conditions and you are still able to find it.


Lost Souls is a collection of easy to perform techniques that allow you to locate a freely chosen card lost in the deck. There are different methods depending on the amount of set up preferred, if any, and all use various devious methods to accomplish the end result.


From the Introduction:

 'A number of years ago I became fascinated with the concept of finding a chosen card that had been lost in the deck by the spectator - without the magician touching the deck whilst it was returned.

My ultimate conditions for the effect I wanted were as follows:An ordinary deck was used (52 different cards); The deck was shuffled by the spectator; The spectator selects the card without me touching the deck (hence proving that it was a free choice and no force used); The card was returned to the deck by the spectator herself and the card could be inserted anywhere the spectator wanted; As soon as the card was returned to the deck the spectator shuffled the cards - again without me having any contact with the cards; Only after the spectator had returned the card to the deck and shuffled would I touch the cards to find the selection. 

Essentially what I was looking for was for a spectator to be handed a deck of cards that he/she then shuffles. That person removes a card, places it back in the deck and the cards are again shuffled. Only then are the cards handed back to you.

After playing around with various ideas I developed a method which to a large extent met my criteria. The effect was called 'Lost' and was extremely deceptive. There was an element or two of 'Lost' however that I wasn't happy with and my search continued. However, my fascination for this type of effect would have probably led me to search for new methods even if those unfavourable elements weren't there.

Following this I then looked into other people's ideas, either ones marketed as a single effect or ones forming part of other material such as lecture notes/book/DVD material. I was still on the search for more ideas to fulfil my craving for these types of effects and this led me to create the techniques found within this book.

Hopefully you will find the material in here useful for your own needs in creating that impossible location effect. Each one uses various techniques and involves various conditions. Although not all of them fulfil each of my original criteria that I had initially set myself they do fit most.

Also, included in these pages, kept till last of course, are my own favourite effects which can even be performed with a borrowed deck that you do not touch until the cards are given to you to find the selection! You will find these in the impromptu section which can all be performed with a borrowed shuffled deck. I hope you enjoy this work and find your own favourite impossible location effect within.'  - Pete Wilton - December 2007    



1) Introduction

The Locations

2) Lost

3) Boxed In

4) Hi-Lo location

5) Running Shuffle

Impromptu Locations

6) Epitomesque

7) Random Forces

8) Random Location

9) Chaos

10) The Shuffle Happy Location

Concluding Thoughts

11) Final Thoughts

12) Impossible Location effects from others


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1st edition 2007; 69 pages 

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