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Lord of the Rings - By Andrew Loh - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Four cards are freely selected which represent the evil rings. Performer claims that among the four cards, only one card will represent the genuine ring and the performer attempts to mix the cards randomly in order to find out which card represents the ring, let's suppose the Three of Spades.

Some gestures, all the four cards magically transformed into the death knight (Kings). The fake ring cards seem to have vanished and they are found in the centre of the deck! The only genuine evil ring card is found in the card case which was placed full-view on the table before the routine is started.

Requires intermediate sleight-of-hand skills.


"This has an excellent presentation, making it a wonderfully entertaining card routine." - Peter Duffie

"Lord of the Rings effect was very sound, the moves flowed into each other perfectly. The presentation for that effect was truly a wonderful idea! You took what would be just another card trick and made it a real joy to present." - Shannon Clark


1st edition 2010; 7 pages

Compatible with Mac, PC and iPhone.