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Loophole Nigel Harrison, DVD-sale

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A spectator freely selects any card from the deck (no force).  After having the card signed across the face or the back, the magician takes it from the spectator and tears the middle from the card.  Thus, ending up with a cardboard ring.  Then, without pausing, you immediately link the card onto your belt loop.  You rotate the card all around proving that there are no tears in the edges of the card an you tug on the belt loop showing that it too is completely intact.  Here's the best part... you have to tear the spectator's card to remove it from your belt loop.

  • Any card can be used, absolutely no force
  • Nothing to hide.
  • No palming, lapping, sleeving, switching, etc....
  • Instantly resets
  • Works with any brand and color of playing card
  • Very easy to perform
  • Build the gimmick in under thirty minutes
This is the perfect effect for the strolling magician.  Need a great, super visual closer to your close-up routine...This may be what you are looking for.  Nigel breaks down every nuance of this fantastic new effect, step-by-step, in great detail to make the learning process as easy as possible for you.  Explained on the DVD are three different ways to link the card, a great convincer to prove the card really is on the belt loop, how to build the gimmick, and much more.  This is one of those effects that you literally will want to carry around with you all the time.
As An Added Bonus:
Nigel will teach you "Kissy Kissy" - A unique twist on a classic effect.  Two cards are freely selected from the deck (no force) and each is signed on its back by its rightful owner.  Having done so, the two cards are placed face-to-face at which point they become permanently fused together.  The deck is then spread face-up proving that the spectators cards are no longer in the deck.  The signed face-to -face card(s) are left with the spectators cards as a souvenir.