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The Logar Scrolls - By Bryn Reynolds - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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"It is with with profound pleasure that I can tell you the Logar Scrolls are now available! I have a lot of thismaterial already. Bryn is one of the few creators whose material I actually USE in real shows. There is not one bit of filler is this book. There is not one weak effect. Everything is TOP NOTCH and totally professional. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am at this release."
- Richard Osterlind

Effects Include:

- My "$" dollar bill serial number divination

- "The $ KIT!" which are instructions on how to make it

- "3 Tips for $" from Jheff

- "The Notebook" which is a small utility billet index /
switching device

- "DOUBLE-DOWN," my casino cards effect, as seen in Richard
Osterlind's "NO CAMERA TRICKS!" DVD set

- "DOUBLE-DOWN BONUS" utilizing a casino chip

- "ESPnvelope"

- "COINSUKE," s psychometric-type routine using coins

- "RIFFLETHINK" a dual playing card divination with multiple
endings detailed, one by Richard Osterlind!

- "The BusinessCOIN Prediction" and SEVERAL variations I
have developed utilizing the "BCP technology"

- "The GIFT" by Richard Osterlind. Sort of an "add-a-no" but
no gimmicks and a lot more personal and entertaining


THE LOGAR SCROLLS ebook is 65 pages, with many full color photos. 



What People Are Saying:

Yes, I highly recommend this. And, yes, I have to admit that I'm a bit biased since I have a contribution in this. However, if one peruses my catalog, you'll see that quite a few of the included pieces in this e-book have already been covered individually and enthusiastically as previously separate releases ($, Double-Down, ESPnvelope, The
BusinessCOIN Prediction).

Everything in here can be considered good, solid workers.  Period. The ONLY reason that I can conceive of any working professional not wanting this is because you have everything in here already. My only additional comment would be that most of these are close-up mentalism effects, but some can certainly be adapted to parlour or stage, if one wants.  - Jheff



It is excellent! 
This is the best purchase I have made in a very long time. 
The ideas at the book literally made me lose my sleep. 10/10  - J Prager




I never thought Bryn could top "Safwan Papers". I was wrong. What an incredible collection of effects, with, as Richard said, no filler whatsoever. Every last bit of material is powerful, real-world stuff, that I look forward greatly to going out and perform. These days, if I purchase a book and find just a single effect that makes my "starting lineup", I'm happy. In "The Logar Scrolls", EVERY single routine can and will make its way into that starting rotation. I don't know how you do it, Bryn, but all of us are the richer for your contributions to the art. Bravo. - Gabelson



I've read through the "Logar Scrolls" over the pst couple of days. 

Bryns thinking is terrific! 

Some of the effects are previous individual releases, one of which I own - "Double Down". A great piece of mentalism with an ingenious method. 

His simple, hands off approach is what I love in mentalism...his take on the serial number divination is a perfect example of how layering methods makes for really pure mentalism. 

"Coinsuke" is a great take on Maven's classic "Kurtsuke" (spelling?). Aside from the great effects, there are some great anecdotes. Thanks for your contributions to mentalism Bryn, and for your service to our country!  Not only is Bryn a hero to mentalism, but he is also a true American hero! - Paul Carnazzo




You will SO REGRET it if you don't get and use the Logar Scrolls! Where else will you learn: 

- to discern the one-out-of-twelve possibilities that was thought of, and not even written down? 

- to discern a card which was THOUGHT of, not picked or peeked? 

- to know what's inside of an envelope which has NO cut-outs, NO forces, NO switches - it's the same envelope in which the volunteer places his thought? And they can examine the envelope before and after? 

- to learn of a literal MIRACLE thought projection from New York to Afghanistan and back? 

- to let a volunteer pick a dollar bill and THEN discern its serial number? (with three added tips from Jheff!) 

- to make and perform your own Double-Down effect & props? (As seen on "No Camera Tricks") 

- and then to use that Double-Down principle for other effects? 

- to not only determine what specific coin the volunteer PRETENDS to flip, but whether it lands heads up or down? 

- to have one volunteer to THINK of a time -- and another volunteer to read the first one's mind? 

- to perform Mental Epic -- with a 3x5 or 5x7 index card? 

- or to write a number down - put it in plain sight, if you want to - and then have the audience call out answers to weird questions ("How old are you?" "How much do you weigh?" etc) and then - all their answers add up to the number you originally wrote down?   *jeep! & God Bless! Grandpa Chet



The scrolls are as amazing as the Safwan Papers, and, if possible, more well thought out and mature -- or maybe my taste has matured too. The Safwan papers have been incorporated (with some rewrite) into my paranormal seances -- and I am sure from what I have read the scrolls will enrichen my audiences with new mysteries. 

It is rare that someone can bring out two fully textured products in a row -- often showing laziness in the second. This IS NOT the case here as Bryn has surpassed himself!  DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!  - Gregg (C. H. Mara) Chmara 


Congratulation to Bryn on the release of this new book. I am a big fan of The Safwan papers and am still digesting most of the Logar Scrolls. My first impression is that Safwan Papers had a lot of pure stuff especially Seven and BOHT. This one has some along those lines too such as Rifflethink and The Gift, but there are also a lot of Bryn's devious devices and other routines that he sold individually in the past. These are, by and large, easily constructed and there is some clever thinking here. Several of these like The Notebook, ESPnvelope and the new variations of his BCP are quite versatile. Some of them had me looking back through my notes of abandoned routines as they provided solutions where I had gotten stuck. I'll be sending one newly completed routine to Bryn today. Thanks again Bryn. - Ryan Frame 


 Rock (or soldier perhaps) solid material! I have carried with me the BusinessCoin prediction since Bryn published it. It is always with me in my wallet. As I travel a lot I am prepared for 5 - 6 different currencies. I always knew intuitively that the principle could be applied on other effect, but really never fleshed it out. Bryn has! 

I am one of those who has bought a lot of Bryn's work over the years, so there is some repeat. But always with extra thinking. The extras are enough to make it a very solid piece of e-book mentalism, even for those who have some of this before. And you get a gift from Richard Osterlind to top it! 

For those who may not have bought the various stand alone pieces, hey, what can I say. Very, very good investment!  Endre Lima


Apparently, Bryn Reynolds works better under pressure. He has now released a second e-book of mentalism. His first book, 'The Safwan Papers', was packed with stellar material that was developed in the middle of a war-zone. Bryn's newest book, 'The Logar Scrolls', shares the same two distinctions: the material was conceived and developed by a working soldier in the field and again, it is ALL first-rate stellar. 

'The Logar Scrolls' is a fine blend of old and new. Bryn has filled 'The Logar Scrolls' with previously marketed creations that are now enhanced with several fresh approaches using these same ideas and devices. I purchased his BusinessCoin Prediction many years ago and used it often at the resort in front of guests from all over the world. The new concepts for the BusinessCoin Prediction offered by Bryn have made me dust it off and bring it out again, and the resort guests are loving it. I will not be using Bryn's clever application of BCP for a Mental-Epic presentation with a single index-card, but ONLY because scripted demonstations of a Mental-Epic nature already exist in my acts. Still, it's a brilliant and grand idea. 

Before now I was not privy to the working behind Bryn's products ESPenvelope or The Notebook, but I plan to adapt both devices into presentations that will dovetail with my on-stage character. I don't often do this sort of thing with anyone else's material, but I believe Bryn's thinking is going to make feeding my family easier and I would be foolish to ignore the opportunity. 

Rifflethink is a strong, direct demonstration of mentalism using playing cards. I have field-tested Rifflethink (albeit using a different method I am more comfortable with) and have found Bryn's presentation to be a memorable expeience for the guests. This one is a keeper, too. 

The Gift is Richard Osterlind's adaptation of an effect that I believe was first published in 1941 by Paul Curry under the title Padding. The premise was mentioned again in Ted Annemann's '202 Methods of Forcing'. Mike Skinner published the basic principle in his book 'Classic Sampler' under the title Birthday Mentalism. I only know all this because I also contributed to bringing Curry's Padding into the twenty-first century. My approach is titled Rescue 2000 and can be found in 'Predict-Abilities' (Book Two in the Act-Series) and also in Steve Beam's series 'Semi-Automatic Card Tricks'. 

I am a fan of think-on-your-feet mentalism, so Osterlind/Reynolds' The Gift is a very nice demonstration of mindreading to carry in your arsenal. 

To parrot what Gabelson has already will find great value in every page. 

The Logar Scrolls makes me glad Bryn's on our side. 

Warm regards, 
Mick Ayres 




I don't know what higher compliment to Bryn I could pay other than to say, all of the items that had been made available prior to Logar Scrolls (in separate individual form), I have purchased and enjoyed. The fact that this is a compendium makes this a no-brainer. I love how Bryn has expanded a number of the principles as well (like BCP Wrist-Watch, Crystal Ball and the other one I won't mention out loud). These are all rock-solid routines, tools and principles. Just read the reviews provided via links by Bryn above. You will see what you are getting away with. 


Sean Waters