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Linxus - By John Stessel and Mystique Factory

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You should be burned at the stake. This is too good!" 
Michael Ammar - 



One solid object being penetrated by another solid object is an age old premise of magic, one that is so popular and undeniable that it has been reinvented time and time again. Big metal rings can link and unlink like passing through thin air, live animals can jump through a human's torso, pens can melt through bank notes inches before your eyes, if you start to think about it there are so many great examples of this premise. Solid through solid penetration magic tricks astound spectators immediately because they KNOW it is impossible the moment they see it, the reaction is instantaneous.

John Stessel has taken the plot and turned it on it's head, a lot of penetration effects happen without some sort of prepared object, maybe you borrowed the bank note but the pen was your own? It is possible to create an illusion that all your items are borrowed but what if you could literally take a rubber band and a spectator's ring and just throw them together so they link with no funny business and no switches?

This is Linxus, John Stessel has devised a method for exactly that, imagine linking and unlinking two borrowed objects with no suspicion or strange hand movements, just direct magic, with your spectator's items! Link a rubber band to a rubberband, a ring to a rubberband, a rubber band to a key! Linxus also includes some bonus routines that will blow you mind! Around the world top magician's ears are pricking up to the sound of John Stessel's name and it is no surprise!

SIX magic tricks are taught on Linxus and every effect is worthy of anyone's repertoire!
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Start and end clean
  • Easy to do – no difficult moves or sleights necessary
  • No magnets, gaps or sticky stuff!
  • Extra handlings 
  • Every detail is taught in depth
  • Recommended by top magicians worldwide!

"I rarely say that 'This is something that I would perform.' 

- Jason Brumbalow - 

“The guys at Mystique Factory have taken the simple ring on string plot and blown it out of the water! Once again another great release”
- Rus Andrews -