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Linking Cigarette DVD - By Akira Fujii




Are you tired of Crazy Man's Handcuffs? I would bet you sill perform it though because it is impromptu, can be done with borrowed objects and of course the impossible look and the visual nature of the effect are so good!! No one will hold it against you, we still perform it!


There is a new kid in town! Ok, so Akira Fujii is not so new but his Linking Cigarette routine of his is set to become a classic that will definitely withstand the test of time!

The performer holds a borrowed cigarette in each hand by the thumb and forefinger, these two cigarettes pass through each other like REAL MAGIC! This really is so visual it will most likely knock you out of your seat! And if it does that to you imagine what it would do to a lay person!!

Don't like cigarettes? Not to worry this can be performed with other objects like crayons or small twigs! Imagine the look on people's faces you would get if you just picked up a couple of twigs off the floor and performed this crazy visual routine or as we like to say, close up miracle!

No Switches, Nothing is added or taken away. A Super visual penetration of two objects! What you see on the demo video is how it looks live! Perform anywhere!

  • No Threads!
  • Not limited to cigarettes!
  • No Magnets!
  • No Sticky Tape!
  • No Wax!
  • No camera tricks or edits!