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Linkey (includes all Gimmicks) by Alan Rorrison and Titanas Magic - DVD



LinKey by Alan Rorrison and Titanas

Whenever you want, you you can take your house key and visually cause it to link onto a normal rubber band. You can hand them both out for full inspection before and after the magic trick is done.You can carry Linkey with you where ever you go. Simply add it to your set of keys. 

The special gimmick allows you link a key onto a borrowed necklace. It's one of the most visual and striking close up magic tricks you can ever do. Performed right in front of the spectators eyes.


Ideal for walk-around and strolling magicians. It's so simple to do, that you can focus on your performance, or just enjoy watching your spectators going crazy.


Linkey will also teach you how to make a bonus gimmick that allows you to borrow a set of keys, take a single key from the set and visually link it back on and INSTANTLY hand it out for everyone to examine.

Linkey comes with a DVD, a precision made gimmick and even some rubber bands so you can start performing right away.