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Licence Plate Prediction

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This is a prediction of a license plate.

The magician shows different numbers and letters on a license plate style pad. The combinations are endless.

One or several spectators choose freely, a number at a time, to create a unique license plate.

The magician reveals a metal license plate that matches exactly with the chosen one.

Key points

  • Spectators choose all numbers without the magician touching or forcing anything
  • Extremely easy to perform
  • Fits any kind of show, kids, adults, comedy, mentalism…
  • Perform surrounded
  • Packs very small, but plays huge!
  • Predictions is made of embossed aluminum
  • You will have access to all the files, so if you want to create your own version, or make any modification, you will have instructions and templates to create it
  • Comes with a Vintage Style British Columbia style number plate, although you can change this to any number plate you like. 
Number Plate Prediction Magic Trick

What you will get?

  • A special pad, with numbers and letters that looks like the license plate chosen.
    • Polyester sheets, very resistant, to last many years
    • Rigid back cover, for easier handling
    • Spiral binding so the sheets slide easier
    • Semi transparent front cover
  • An aluminum license plate, replica of the original
  • Access to instructions and presentations