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Not Walking Knot by Michael J Fitch - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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Perform the walking knot magic trick with just a normal piece of rope.

Every magician needs visual and entertaining magic to perform in front of a group anytime anywhere..  Not Walking Knot uses only normal rope and two spectators… It’s ideal for children entertainers, wedding magicians, corporate shows… Once you learn it, you’re always ready to go..

Michael J Fitch used to perform a gimmicked version of Pavel's walking knot.. that is until the gimmick broke the night before his theatre show was due to start…. So he invented Not Walking Knot. A ‘plays to the whole room’ routine that can be done with just a normal piece of rope.

Once you order, you will have access to the tutorial video where Michael sits down with you and walks you through EVERYTHING from start to finish, you’ll see just how EASY this is to learn and perform..  Expert training, cut in with live performance, so you see and understand each and every step. Not Walking Knot is invaluable to anyone that performs live magic to the public.