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Kapow - Instant Download


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By Cameron Francis & Liam Montier

"Great book!" -- John Guastaferro


"This is such a brilliant book. Classic Montier madness mixed with Cameron's usual brilliance makes for such strong magic. One of the best PDF's to come out this year!" -- Jamie Daws


"(Cheater's Sleeve is) so clean and very magical!" -- John Carey


Created in collaboration with Liam Montier and Cameron Francis, KaPOW features 10 killer tricks that punch harder than BATMAN!




This TEN tricks are easy to do, use only regular cards, and mostly work from a shuffled deck in use! All this, and of course they are, what we call in the business, 'spectator busting AWESOMES!' (It's a technical term...)


So, bust out the cards and settle down for a session of learning commercial, practical and easy magic that will astonish everyone and make girls want to sleep with you (this is probably not true, but the rest is!)


Pick up the brand new PDF from Cameron Francis and Liam Montier TODAY!







Repulse – Liam Montier

Alex Elmsley’s classic ‘Repulsive Aces’ gets an extra selected card and an astonishing kicker that hits harder than Rocky!


Cheaters Sleeve – Liam Montier

Interlaced Vanish meets the Ace Assembly.  They have a little sexy time, and suddenly, there’s this baby.  That sounded wrong, but you know what we mean.


Countdown – Cameron Francis

A ‘one move wonder’ where the spectators control their own card, and then really are genuinely surprised when it turns up moments later!


Departure Box – Liam Montier

Two chosen and signed cards vanish from a card box held by a spectator and re-appear in the magicians pockets.  No palming, no gaffs, no duplicates, no cards… oh wait.  There’s cards.


Invisible Card – Cameron Francis

They won’t even see this one coming.  See what we did there?


Strange Progression – Cameron Francis

A bold new idea for the progressive Ace Assembly that removes all the work and replaces it with sheer cunning!


Real Picnic – Cameron Francis

This old self working classic is given a new lease of life that will have people walking all the way up the garden path, before the hose goes on.


No Joke – Cameron Francis

Crowbar several ass-kicking phases of magic into one action packed routine with this reworking of a John G classic!


Triple Play – Liam Montier

A three phase sandwich routine that… oh.  You’ve moved on.  Well, it was actually really good, so nerrr!


Scatter Shot – Liam Montier

A four Ace production where they seem to come from everywhere but the deck!


KAPOW is a 36 page, photo illustrated PDF ebook for PC, Mac, Kindle, iPhone & iPad