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Justin Miller LIVE Lecture 2012 - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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This LIVE video download of Justin Miller's LIVE Lecture 2012 is 1 hour and 15 minutes of amazing, hard hitting and memorable magic!

  • Legend
  • NAKED ANGLES  (HI-LAR-E-US performance only)
  • W:H transpo
  • Sulfer
  • DEEP 3 (performance only)
  • C-Drop
  • About-Face
  • Smile
  • Voodoo Whodoo
  • 3 Float
  • FLUSH (performance only)
  • 2 Rising Cards

  Plus tons of theory+principles are all taught in just the kind of teaching style that only JM can deliver.



"I was fooled with every single item in the lecture...a pure joy to watch this young man work" -Barry Richardson-

"Hands down the BEST lecture we have ever had!" - Shreveport, LA -

"Justin that phone trick (SMILE) is really good man"-David Acer-

"A new collection of magic effects based on novel and powerful themes. Justin Miller thoroughly demonstrates the material and explains the methods and thinking behind the effects so they can be performed by conjurers of any skill level"




I just finished watching your 2012 lecture and I completely blown away!! LOVE the material. Nicely done, in depth teaching and exceptional attention to detail. For those who did not buy your effects as a single purchase, get JUST as much teachings if not more with this lecture and that's awesome! Thank you so much for ALWAYS thinking of us as your personal students and one on one teachings, not just some DVD generalized grouping of people. I love how you make everything so personal and really try to connect with us on EACH effect and every move as you go. Thank you!