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JANUS by Kevin Casaretto/Paul Lelekis - MIXED MEDIA DOWNLOAD


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The Magic of Kevin Casaretto
Compiled and Written by Paul A. Lelekis

Note about Paul Lelekis from Kevin Casaretto:

"Without Paul these tricks would just be tricks. His influence on this book has elevated it from just a magic book, taking it to a level, that I believe, any professional Magician would love. The tricks are fairly easy to perform, but Paul has also provided nuances, tips, spectator control, and great audience appeal, and that is the REAL secret of performance! My highest accolades go to Paul for all that he has done to make this book a reality. Well done Paul!"
- Kevin Casaretto

Long-time Australian pro magician, Kevin Casaretto, has amassed a volume of 10 fantastic effects, using one of three gaffed cards that all magicians already own.

MAGICIANS - you are given an incredible diversity of top-flight magic... transpositions, transmutations, vanishes, appearances, an assembly, gambling themes, ESP, classics of magic, and incredible topological problems that you'll love to perform.

10 amazing effects all eked out after years of performances...and as Tom Craven said, "I had a lot of fun running through the various plots... I couldn't stop until I had tried them all!"

Also provided is an informative FORWARD by Paul A. Lelekis and a very nice HISTORY of the gaffed cards by Kevin Casaretto.

Contents of JANUS:

JANUS: A card, sandwiched between two cards, transposes with a selected card! This effect has a "Wow!" factor that can't be described!

SIGNED, SEALED, and DELIVERED: This transposition of two signed cards is not only simplicity itself... but may well be the most powerful effect that you will ever perform! Your spectators will FREAK OUT!

2-CARD MONTE: DO NOT PASS THIS TRICK UP! This timeless classic will definitely go into your repertoire! ALL of the hilarious patter is included! Paul provides a video of exactly how to perform this amazing effect and it's FUN for everyone!

FIVE COLOR TWIST: This trick is E-Z to do, and mind-bending! The Aces turn face-up and face-down...then their backs change colors THREE DIFFERENT TIMES! Everything can be inspected!

MAGAZINE MENTAL TEST: ESP at its finest! A spectator chooses a page of a magazine, and you READ HER THOUGHTS while your back is turned! NO ONE will figure this one out! SO very, very clever!

CARD TO WALLET: A selected card flies to your wallet... and then changes its back colors - TWICE! Use ANY wallet!

CHANGING BACK: This is Kevin's variation of a popular Dai Vernon effect! Two cards change their back colors and can even be inspected! You have to see this trick to believe it... incredibly fair - yet SO deceptive!

IT CAN'T BE DONE: A fun and engaging "Do As I Do" effect with three phases that will stun your spectators... and it all happens in THEIR HANDS!

ONE AT A TIME ACES: Kevin's version of an Ed Marlo effect! This is a ONE BY ONE assembly of the Aces to the leader position...and then the Aces all change color! Learn a true classic of magic here!

TURN-OVER CARDS: This one is fun to do! Eight cards turn face-up and face-down under impossible conditions! Everything is performed nice and slow and deliberate...yet, the impossible keeps happening! Included with this effect is a video by Paul Lelekis, teaching a popular display/sleight that few magicians perform properly - this video will "Up Your Game"!

"Rarely... if ever... has a book of magic had so many winners in it! I love all 10 effects... and I've pretty much seen it all!"
- Paul A. Lelekis

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