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Iron Palm Principle - By Matt Monte - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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The Iron Palm Gimmick can be made in seconds, and lies totally invisible in PLAIN SIGHT.

The possibilities are limited only to your imagination!



Impossibly make a BORROWED-SIGNED coin appear INSIDE a FREELY-SELECTED signed playing card!

Matt sits down with you 'one-on-one' and teaches you everything you need to perform this effect.







As well as teaching the stunning effect IRON PALM, this download video also takes the concept of the Iron Palm Gimmick and shows you how to apply it to TWO more killer effects!

Exorcized Assembly:

Matt's ULTRA-VISUAL, in-your-face version of McDonald's Aces. Using the Iron Palm Gimmick you can leave your specially printed cards at home, and leave your audience feeling like they just saw REAL MAGIC. Any four-of-a-kind is laid on the table, three indifferent cards are laid onto each, and one-by-one each card IMPOSSIBLY vanishes, and appears under the leader card, which can be in the spectators possession from the start. And see how Matt lets everything be examined with no trips to the pocket!


A quick, visual card change using a freely-selected signed card and a clothespeg.


Do I have to use special coins or cards?

No! Use your own or borrowed coins and perform this with your favourite playing cards!

What about the reset?

That's one of the many advantages IRON PALM gives the working magician. you can set up the gimmick in seconds, making it ideal for street or corporate performing situations.

Does this need Sleight of Hand?

No! Although you will need to practice the handling to make the actions smooth and natural. The Irom Palm Gimmick takes away the need for palming or risky misdirection.

Is the gimmick hard to make?

NO! You can make it in seconds and your ready to go!


"Matt Monte is a new young guy in San Diego and he sent me a review copy of his effect. Personally? I think what's on this DVD will change close-up magic for years to come. It's THAT good!

I don't want to give anything away so you can watch the tricks themselves and be fooled like I was. Once you know the principle involved you will be impressed. Not totally new, but Matt's stuff is the best use of it I have seen. Frankly, the effects themselves are almost too good. They are THAT clean" Brad Burt. 

" I've had this for a while now, and it is a really clever principle that will get those creative juices flowing. The coin in card effect is just the beginning of what is possible and the ace assembly routine is just phenominal. For me it was a great purchase and I would recommend it for sure!" Y2JOHN.

"AWESOME!  Gets a great reaction, and childs play to perform" Dan Standon UK


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