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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Iron Man Deck V2 by JL Magic



Unlike the JL MADE Iron Man deck, the Iron Man V2 deck has been launched.

It's a tribute card to a Tony Stark.

The dark red color that comes to mind when you think of Ein-Man, the various illustrations.

It was designed using different kinds of drawing art works.

Because you have bean familiar with the high definition design of the movie version. I'm sure Iron Man V2 deck to Hulkbuster's drawing artists.
I'm sure it will be a noticeable point.

In addition, the symbol and signature items of Iron Man are expressed in a card space index.

In the back design, the Tony Stark logo, not the Iron Man, is added in an anti-war form.

The panning effect of spreading the deck is clear, and the card was designed and produced.

I wanted to show you the meaning again.