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iRead Your Mind by Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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In this download Ben shares 3 of his favourite mentalism techniques for an iPhone. All of the techniques taught are perfect for when you have nothing on you  and someone wants to see something. As long as you own an iPhone or can borrow one (or take advantage of it unbeknownst to your spectator) then you will have the option to perform some great off the cuff mind reading.


Music is an impromptu way to reveal a selected song that someone has stopped on on a shuffle through your songs. This will work with a borrowed iPhone just as well as your own. A spectator scrolls through the songs on shuffle and stops on any track they like and remember the album cover and name of the track. As you describe the mind reading process and ask them to focus on the image of the album cover you are able to begin revealing details of the cover such as colours and shapes. You can finish the routine by fully describing the album cover and naming the name of the track.


This is a way to use your iPhone as an impression pad so you can know what a spectator has drawn or written down. It is not an app or anything you need to download to your phone it is a clever way of taking advantage of a pretty unknown function of an iPhone. Also detailed is a technique to give you the best chance at reprogramming your spectator's thoughts so they recall that you texted them what they wrote before they wrote it. This 'reprogramming' encourages the natural way we misremember things and embellish stories when they are retold so that your mind reading routine can be remembered as a miracle.


This is another way to use your iPhone as a secret peek device. This idea has been touched on by a few magicians and mentalists and is a well known technique in mentalism. This is Ben's handling thoughts on the idea. Perfect for that casual moment when you really want to show something but don't have your peek wallet to hand.

PLEASE NOTE: These are techniques require the use of an iPhone.