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Interlace - By Richard Sanders

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Borrow any ring, from any spectator, wave a lighter under it and it's gone! The spectator looks down at your shoe and now, hanging from the loop of your shoelace is their borrowed ring!

The ring is untied and slowly pulled off of the lace and given back to the switches!

Interlace Features

You never bend down or go anywhere near your shoe at any point during the effect. The same borrowed ring in your hand is the same borrowed ring that ends up hanging from the loop of your shoelace seconds later!

What To Expect:

You will learn how to cause any borrowed ring to vanish and appear tied to your own shoelace! You receive all the props, plus a full length DVD featuring all the moves, tips, handlings and subtleties. Get ready to blow away your audience with Interlace The miracle ring on shoelace.
Comes complete with props, DVD and 24 page, photo-illustrated booklet.


"I have to tell you that this effect really socks em' hard.
For over ten years, ever since "On Foot," I have worked on making a ring appear on a shoelace. About 3 years ago, I came across a method refined it over time and reworked it until it became a moveless ring on shoelace.

I threw away many ideas as I had very strict guidelines when creating this effect.

1) It had to be practical and automatically reset.
In other words, it had to be something that you could perform in any walk-around gig and be reset to do again for another group without any reset.
You had to be able to finish with one group and when you walked over to the next group you could do it again.
To be honest, the way the effect has been structured, you can even repeat the effect with the same group, with another ring and still fool them by varying the method.

I played with many other methods and they all came up short. Interlace was the only method that allowed maximum flexibility and easy of handling.

With Interlace, you are free to perform any of the effects you normally would in an average close-up set and yet still have access to Interlace when you want it. In other words you don't have to be set up to perform only this effect. It was designed to become part of your regular close up set. Also, you don't have to leave the room to reset, you are automatically reset after your performance.
This makes it a very practical effect for the working pro.

2) I wanted a method that was flexible for many handling choices.
There are 10 different handlings of the effect included on the DVD, including:

Flash Finish: A flash paper handling that will really fool you visually and psychologically!

Wiped Clean: a handkerchief handling where the ring literally vanishes as you wipe it with a handkerchief (BTW, I love Larry Davidson's idea of placing the ring under a handkerchief that is also used to polish your shoes...brilliant!!!)

Visual Voodoo: A no prop handling where you use nothing but their ring. After a series of amazing vanishes and reappearances (included on the DVD), you finish with the ring appearing on your shoelace.

Ring and String: This is an absolute killer way to end a ring and string routine!
Imagine an amazing ring and shoelace routine (included on the DVD) that ends where the ring supposedly penetrates back onto the shoelace in the spectator's hand. The spectator sees that the ring is not there, you pause and say, very slowly, "NOT THAT SHOELACE." You look down at your shoe and this is when you start to hear the SCREAMS and the "NO #&%$@ WAYs" because their ring is actually on the shoelace on your shoe! It doesn't get much stronger than this.

Regarding Preparation:
There is a ONE TIME preparation to your performance outfit that takes about 30 minutes to do. But once this is done, there is absolutely nothing further to do and you will always be ready to perform. The effect can be done with dress shoes or running shoes, but my personal preference is dress shoes.

Regarding pocket management:
Both your pockets are free to carry whatever you want in them. This was important to me when I was designing Interlace. As a professional performer, I would find it difficult to perform an effect that required dedicating an entire pocket to just one trick. Interlace was designed for performers who are looking to get killer reactions, while not compromising pocket real estate.

The effect comes with a full length DVD that walks you through everything you need to know and do to perform the effect. You are also supplied with all the necessary props. Again, it will take about 30 minutes to get setup and then away you go

Interlaced Reviews

"With the package, you receive EVERYTHING you need to perform the effect...if he would have give you more...he would perform the effect at YOUR shows... Richard is well known for his commercial magic but he has oudone himself here!!!" - Michel Huot


"This will probably be a bestseller 2007, it looks like a golden concept. Interlace makes any other Ring Flight look out of date! Because of the long distance from the vanish in the hands to the shoe it looks utterly impossible. This is the first convincing Ring Flight I ever seen. No clumsy hand movements." - K Jellstrom


"Richard, this IMHO could very well be a candidate for the Best Trick of '07!" - Vinnie Laraway


"The instructional dvd is really complete and thorough. One of the best instructional dvd's I have ever seen." - rowdymagi5 (Forum review)


"When Richard was first developing INTERLACE, he was kind enough to share the concept and effect with me. I was blown away by it, and actually got chills (I'm not kidding!) when he described one of the presentation ideas to me. I was so excited with the possibilities of this trick, and couldn't wait for him to release it. In typical Richard Sanders-style he has carefully worked the method and routine, so that it has been honed to razor-sharp perfection. You will love this, and will absolutely blow your spectators away with it----it's a winner! Congrats Rich!" - Jason Palter