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Instant ATW - Anything to Wallet - Comes with Wallet and DVD

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Now you can make anything appear inside your magicians wallet


Instant ATW allows magicians to have any large item, like a smartphone, a spectators watch, car-keys or even finger-rings, suddenly be found right inside a sealed envelope, which is inside a wallet.

Unlike many  magicians wallets, Instant ATW is made from top quality leather. It's been constructed for working professional magicians, so has to stand up to constant use.

For card magicians, it's perfect for producing several signed playing cards sealed inside their own envelopes. ATW features the Robson Instant Reset System for playing cards. The RIRS means you can do this during just one card magic trick, so there's no need to have to hide away and reload.

The ATW Wallet has 2 unique devices, you won't find in any other magicians wallets.

  • Produce big items from envelopes within the wallet
  • Produce several playing cards from envelopes within the same magic trick, without needing to run off and reset.


You Get:

The ATW Wallet - Designed for working magicians and everyday use. The ATW Wallet also has a special compartment for your magic coins, so it acts as a mini close up case.

Magician Chris Web Disappearing iPhone 4 and Blackberry templates - These can be used to create your own iPhone 4 or Blackberry gimmicks. Thse can be used to borrow an iPhone or Blackberry, make it vanish and have it found INSTANTLY INSIDE A SEALED ENVELOPE, INSIDE YOUR WALLET!

Magic Tuition on DVD - Magician Sam Fitton teaches you how to use Instant ATW. He shows you a magic trick you can use with ATW in full. You also get to watch Sam perform his magic trick with ATW ending with the smartphone production. Magicians Kieron Johnson and James Brown have also added tips on how to get the best out of your ATW Wallet.

David Bonsall's Envelopes - These easy to use envelopes are ideal for use with playing cards.


David Bonsall Large envelopes - Designed specifically for ATW and great for smartphones and big objects.

Harry Robson Instant Reset Sliders - A set of gimmicks that make it easy to reset an envelope in your wallet, very quickly and right in front of the spectators. Great for reloads in the middle of a magic trick.