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Insidious by Michael Scanzello-sale

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Insidious is a Copper Silver Brass routine that FINALLY has the killer ending it deserves!


Works with coins from any country 

up to half dollar size!

“Mike Scanzello has created a terrific routine for the strolling performer that packs a lot of action into a short span of time with a few ordinary looking props. . . This routine is intelligent, diabolical and, well, Insidious!” - Marc Desouza

“Great take on copper silver brass using everyday objects!!”- Dan Hauss 


It’s Diabolical, double-barreled method will ensnare spectators! Besides the eye-popping, tactile transpos there is a devious method lurking no one sees until it’s WAY too late!


In this multi-phase routine you get a dynamic 2 for 1 transpo, an in the hands copper/silver transpo, and a NEW knockout finale where the initialed coin vanishes in mid-air to end up in the matchbox the spectator holds! She can remove herself. You end clean. If you want to leave people awestruck, pick up Insidious today!


Check out this live performance


Key points: 

-Visual. Lightning speed coin/key transpositions! 

-Personal. Half the routine occurs in the spectator’s hands!

Killer Finale! Initialed coin travels to the box in the spectator’s possession! Magician never touches the matchbox again from the beginning. One of the most hands off object-to-impossible-place effects you can do! 

-Universal. Works with coins from any country up to half dollar size!

-Worker. Perform in real world conditions. 

-Fun! Simple to Perform. Start clean, end clean. 

-Practical. Takes up little pocket space, resets quickly.

-Includes Almost Everything! Just need 3 regular coins and a black marker.

-Custom. Matchbox is custom-sized for easy handling and durability.


DVD Contents: 

34 minutes of in-depth instruction

Full Live Performance 

Insidious 3 Phase Routine 

Mid-Air, Flip Vanish 

Additional Tips and Basic Handling

Psychology, Misdirection, and Real World Tips throughout!


Props Included: 

Custom-Sized Matchbox (folded flat for shipping)

Brass Key 

Alcohol Prep Pads for reset 

Everything you need except 3 regular coins and a black marker.