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INSANEwave - By Dee Christopher - Instant Download


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"Dee Christopher has taken the Brainwave effect to new heights with his new effect. I looked for the R/S... There was nothing. He fooled the hell out of me." - Alan Rorrison


The magic trick BrainWave is a classic of magic, a thought of playing card is revealed in a deck then shown it is the only card to have a different coloured back, stunning! Dee Christopher has tackled this plot and added something new to make it truly something magical!

What Dee says: "I wanted to take the effect further, I loved the image of spreading a deck and having multiple cards with different backs, I began work on forging a solution with several thoughts in mind. This is the effect and solution that I came up with."

Here is the outline to the routine of INSANE wave:
A spectator is handed a deck of ESP cards and shown the 5 sets of 5 symbols. They are asked to shuffle and just name one symbol. Let's say they named a circle.
The performer then spreads the deck across the table or in his hands face down. 5 cards are seen to have red backs in the blue deck. These are revealed to be the 5 circle cards.
Dee set himself some stringent rules with his creation of this effect.
  • The deck had to be normal, the original is a gaffed deck that cannot be examined. This allows you to use the deck in other routines.
  • The methodology must work with playing cards, ESP cards or other types of photo or card, this makes it very adaptable to your own style.
  • The set up must be swift and simple to do.
  • It of course must work EVERY performance, no outs necessary.
Also included are ideas so you can perform a living/dead type of magic trick using this methodology and also mentions how to do this with playing cards.
The PDF is 13 pages long and has photos detailing everything necessary. Along with the details of how to perform this miracle with your deck (no brainwave deck is necessary).
If you adore BrainWave, you will love INSANEwave!