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In the Frame by Mark Elsdon



Take a look at the picture frame on the product image above. It's a totally normal andd examinable picture frame. The playing card inside is a prediction. It is also the spectator's signed selection!

Magicians have often said that having the spectators signed card ACTUALLY appear inside a frame was not possible. Mark Elsdon has proved that it CAN be done.


The card trick of In The Frame is as clear as it is powerful: a signed chosen playing card disappears from the deck and is found to be the playing card that was on show in the picture frame the all the time.

This is all done with almost no sleight-of hand (no palming!) and a regular deck of bicycle playingg cards. No fiddling around, no unnessasary gimmicks, no give away 'clicks' or any tell-tale signals. Just go right up to a table with just the picture frame and your deck of playing cards and you are ready to amaze them.  Super simple reset and you don't need to replace anything.

This is one of those totally practical, useable magic tricks that the pro's snap up. It's ideal for close-up and cabaret shows.

You get the  picture frame, the gimmick that does the work for you and detailed, easy to followl instructions.