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In the Blank of an Eye - By Jamie Daws - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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In 2009, In the blank of an Eye was brought to you in form of a Limited Edition DVD with props. Now completely sold out! The feedback I received from magicians who have been using the effect for a while was amazing, and so, I decided to put this PDF together for you all. A more accessible format for you all. Still just as amazing and just as much time and effort has gone into making this another quality PDF. So step right up and check out “In the Blank of an EYE!!”



Phase One :: A packet of blank cards are shown. Two are placed face down on the spectator's outstretched hand. Slowly and visually, two of the card's turn into two red Jacks! The spectator is then asked to turn their two blank cards over and they have somehow printed into the two black Jacks in the spectator's hand!


Phase Two :: One Jack is then placed face down in between the two remaining blank cards. Any one of the Jacks is named and the face down card is turned over to show the named Jack!


Phase Three :: Lastly, the magician holds the remaining 3 Jacks in his hands and leaves the sandwiched Jack on the table. With a snap of his fingers, he is now holding the two blank cards! He places one blank card below the sandwiched card on the table and again it jumps back to his hand. If the magician is holding the blank cards, then of course all four Jacks are on the table.


Everything Routine :: Bonus :: An awesome card routine with a normal deck,  inspired by a top secret underground move by Alan Rorrison. Never before shown to anyone, but you get this awesome move, along with this awesome routine FREE! This is a specially filmed clip just for this project!


Bonus Idea’s: There are also lots of additional ideas including another stage to the effect! This is the original DVD video clip!



Format:  PDF ebook

Compatability: PC & Mac