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Impromptu Wild Card by Dominique Duvivier



A cascade of transformations!

Alexandra Duvivier was selected to perform in the famous American TV show "Masters of Illusion" on prime time TV, "The best of the best" according to the New York Times! She performed the "Impromptu Wild Card" trick that you can see below.

Perfectly astonishing, methodically diabolical and terribly magical, this adaptation of one of the classic of card magic revisited by Dominique Duvivier will quickly become one of your favourite tricks.

Read this description carefully ; do it entirely, a big surprise awaits you at the end.

Everything is perfectly thought out in this fabulous routine.

Eight Queens of Hearts are very clearly placed in two rows of four cards. An 8 of Clubs is placed between the two rows. A little magic gesture will then transform all the Queen of Hearts into 8 of Clubs, while the latter is now a Queen of Hearts!

Usually, at this step of the trick, all magicians take their cards back, put them neatly in their cases, and then go on to something else. Here’s the icing on the cake, which will Blow away your magician friends and your public,.. you're handing them the cards and telling them that they can examine them! Yes, the cards are perfectly regular!


- All the cards are in Bicycle.
- Very strong impact with the public, magician or not.