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Impromptu Prediction - By Pablo Amira - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Do you want an impossible looking prediction with simple objects and easy moves ?

Last year Pablo Amira published the “Impromptu and Colorful Prediction” eBook and book with great response from the community.

A few performers asked me after that if I have a way to predict thoughts using just papers and pen. Impromptu Prediction 2.0 is one of my solutions.

No gimmicks (just business cards/blank cards and a pen)
Easy mechanics

PERFECT for walkaround (No Reset)
Real world tested routine
Yes... the "Cap Subtlety" is in the eBook.

You will get  2 different methodologies that can be used to predict initials, numbers, cards, symbols, etc.and a LOT of great ideas , beautiful psychological and verbal finesses that you will use to create an even better performance.


If you want a routine that will made explode the mind of your audience get
Impromptu Prediction 2.0


I buy anything Pablo puts out, no questions asked. Impromptu Prediction 2.0 is an example of simple and workable mentalism material. I do not need to question his material, so when I see, I buy sight unseen because I know it is going to be great stuff. - Nick Belleas


I finally got to read the entire ebook.
Pablo does a great job (again!) explaining a true impromptu miracle!
He takes a classic technique and adds some great subtleties to make it even more deceptive.
This is a great tool for any mentalist's impromptu arsenal...and for such a low price you can't pass it up. - Paul Carnazzo

This is great work, once again.
First I have to say I like business card effects anyway,
but this is much more than that.
Impromptu Prediction 2.0 is flexible and impromptu and can be easily applied to several effects without compromising rich, psychological aspects.
It pieces together a number of classic concepts in a way that makes you wonder "Why aren't I already doing this?"
You get the pieces and the glue that bonds them. It's a "real worker" from a real worker. Very nice!
- Reg Blackwood


The Impromptu Prediction 2.0 allows you to predict any thought, any word, any number, in a simple, clean manner, with nothing but business cards and a pen. Every mentalist should have this in their arsenal for impromptu thought reading. - Bill Dekel


I enjoyed reading through this practical idea.
Impromptu, on the spot, clever and genious!
Everything is covered and I can see my self using this idea on my routines.
Nicely done Amira ! - Nefesch


Here is...another great ebook from Pablo!
Just finished to read and I really enjoy this.
I know Pablo's work and everytime he surprise me, this time he has written great routines that will give you the chance to hand out your businees card in the perfect way!
I Highly suggest you to check this out! - Luca Volpe


Just tried this on a rather astute
observer here in Colombia and they
yelled out "Hijuep***!".
That's all I need to say about this piece.
Great work Pablo.
- Mauricio Jaramillo
Pablo Amira’s ‘Impromptu Prediction 2.0' presents a main effect which includes a number of presentational subtleties leading to an intriguing climax in which a main prediction, written on a small blank card or a business card, is confirmed.
In addition, Pablo indicates how the technique can be applied to ACAAN (with and without the use of actual cards) as well as predictions of a thought of number, place or hour and suggestions for using a Nostradamus model, a free association game and a “Cap subtlety”.
I found this manuscript to describe a useful prediction strategy which can be broadly applied. - John McLachlan


A really clever routine that does just need pen and cards, this is something to fire the imagination. There are a lot of ideas provided for the physical handling and you could indeed mix and match certain moves to your taste, kind of like an open-ended methodology.
This is as impromptu as it gets - file alongside the material in Switchcraft for material that can be done at the drop of a hat. The misdirection is psychological rather than physical and everything is nicely contextualised.
The moves are very easy indeed, in fact Pablo provides several alternatives! The important bit is rather the structure of the routine that allows for a logical and natural flow of events.

The main thing is the psychological/verbal finesses that provide a narrative to the procedure and also steers the attention of your participant. In a funny sort of way, in places I was reminded of dual reality language even though there is just the one participant for this effect. Although - and here's one example of how easily this approach begets ideas - you could indeed bring other participants in at a certain stage. - Gerard Grey


I love boldness and simple ingenuity and both have been applied to Impromptu Prediction 2.0.
I have only read a couple of e-books from Pablo, but the first thing that jumps straight off the page is always how knowledgeable and passionate he is for his art. His writings are well explained, and contain much more than just the moves and scripts. Psychological insights, motivations and alternative ideas are sprinkled throughout and I really like the inclusion of video clips to help with the crucial bits.
Highly recommended, and a definite addition to my impromptu (just some business cards and a pen) repertoire. The price is a real bargain and you can be part of it with only a couple of clicks! - Grant Mitchell

For once, a purchase I don't regret.
Good price for a workable idea.
Gracias Pablo. - Stephan Giunta
"Impromptu Prediction 2.0 represents a starting point for an interesting alternative to T.A. Water's Albertest, with less handling and a more direct method." - Dominic Rougier