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Impro Memo Man and The Rubiks Cube by Lars La Ville - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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You present this routine as a memory demonstration.

The spectator takes a card.The card is lost in the deck. You take half of the deck and turn it face up.The 2 piles are mixed together, face up into face down cards.The you runs through the cards , first one side and then the other. You say you gonna memorize the position of all the face up cards and face down cards.Just to make it even more difficult, you also reverse the deck at the same time, so you have to recalculated the numbers you have memorized.

The deck is placed under the table or behind the magicians back.

You ask the spectator which card that the spectator has selected.You know tell the position of that card, and you say you will turn all the other cards face down, so only the selection is face up. After 45 seconds, you place the cards on the table.You show you have turned over all the other cards face down.Except for the selection. The chosen card is the only face up card in the deck, and the card is also on the exact position you said.

It seems like you have an amazing memory.

No setup

Use a borrowed deck

No force

No deck switch

Skills: Intermediate

Effect 2:
Same as above , but here you also find the mate to the selection.
Skills: Intermediate

Effect 3:
Same as the first effect, but here you find the selection and the 3 mates
Skills: Hard

Effect 4:
Same as the first effect, but here you find 2 chosen cards.
Skills: Intermediate

Effect 5:
Same as the first effect , but here you find 4 chosen cards.
Skills: Hard

Effect 6:
Same as the first effect, but here you find 2 chosen cards, and you can let the spectator shuffle the cards.
Skills: Intermediate


You will also learn 2 new Rubik's cube ideas.The first one is a fun one , and you are guaranteed a laugh from your spectators.The other Rubik's cube routine the spectator choose a card and you are using the cube to figure out which card.Use an ordinary Rubik's cube.

You also learn one false shuffle with the cube.

Skills: Intermediate

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