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Imprint - By Jason Yu




Imprint is INSANE! 

Seriously, to see magic like this live looks just like a special effect, it is the kind of inter-dimensional 'SAY WHAT?' moment we all look for in this modern age.
Visual magic does not get any better than this! You literally take an object and throw it at a banknote and it becomes a PRINTED IMAGE on the banknote! Immediately hand the banknote out for examination and watch your spectators minds MELT!
Works with any paper based currency.
No sleeves required.
Any small object of your choice can be imprinted on the bank note.
Jason Yu has designed Imprint to challenge the boundary of what visual magic could be.
This is the ultimate form of organic magic. The seemingly impromptu nature and casual handling not only looks like real magic but leaves the spectators no room to disbelieve but to drop their jaws.

No words can deliver what this effect is like. You need to see the trailer NOW."

Please note: The effect near the start of the video trailer (where it looks like a silhouette of a coin disappears into the bill is not something which can be done with this product. It is a special effect that showcases the concept before the main trailer starts. The effect of imprint is throwing an item onto a bank note and it appearing to turn into a picture on the paper.