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Impression Vanish

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Borrow a 1p coin from a spectator. Using a small piece of paper and pencil you make an impression of the penny on the paper. You then put a drop of water on the impression and rub it in until the image disappears. You say that when the impression disappears, so does the penny.

Lift the paper slowly and show that the penny is completely gone.

Your hands are completely empty, you are clean and you can give the paper away.

Works With Normal Borrowed UK & Euro Coins


Is this easy to do?

Yes! Impression Vanish is very easy. If you can rub a coin with a pencil to make an impression, you can do the trick. It's a perfect bit of astonishing magic that you can do anywhere and works for total beginners through to working professional magicians.

Important points:

-You start and end clean
-Everything is examinable
-You are instantly reset to perform it again (carry enough 3”x3” papers with you for the gig)
-No body hookups
-This fools magicians!!

"Highly visual, super fun & elegantly simple!" - Lee Asher, Magic Consultant & Sleight of Hand Expert

"I've watched the video at least twenty times. What a beautiful vanish. It's a perfect
illusion.” - Nate Staniforth, Touring Magician, Author, Magic creator

“I love it!” - Mat Franco, Vegas Headliner & Winner of America's Got Talent

“Peter has taken the idea of vanishing a borrowed coin in a direction that makes it
unique, impossible and memorable.” - Brent Braun, Magic Consultant

“This fooled me badly. I watched it 7 times in a row.” - Michael Kent, Nationally Touring Magician

“Impression Vanish is a powerful effect that is unique, practical & makes your
spectators do a double take.” - Daniel Martin, Touring Magician & Magic Consultant

"Awesome Effect! Peter has made my dream come true with the impression vanish.

I've always struggled with doing a direct and simple vanish with no need for a re-
appearance. Now I can!" - Norman Ng, Nationally Touring Magician

“If you want something absolutely amazing that actually works in the real world from a
real performer with thousands of shows under his belt, then Peter Boie’s Impression
Vanish is for you!” - Eric Dittleman, AGT Finalist, Nationally Touring Magician