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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Impossible by Hank



"It's IMPOSSIBLE..."  - David Stone

"This is AMAZING.. I'm so fooled" -  Nicholas Lawrence


You have five colour cards, your spectator also has five... They pick one... it matches yours.  They choose again.. it still matches!!  This will mess up anyones mind....

Watch it Performed live


In fact, as early as two years ago, this product started to be performed at magic conventions around the world, restaurant extension tables, friends gathering, working professionals.. The performance must have been broken an thousand times.

The prototype was passed between underground magicians in Malaysia throughout 2018. It was never allowed to be released. Now the final version has been officially launched


"Two years... I spent two years delving into this process... All the possible situations you will encounter, I have encountered them all and they are resolved, you will never encounter a situation I have never encountered.. It's IMPOSSIBLE.."

1. Can be shown to the audience and repeatedly immediately, and the audience will feel even more mystified

2. Easy to carry

3. Friends of all sizes can intuitively understand the colour match, across cultures, performing settings and languages

4. Excellent interaction

5. Absolute worker