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Erick Castle's reputation for creating stunning, visual and practical magic needs no introduction. His Gallerian Bend technique earned him critical acclaim worldwide. Now Erick finally releases IERoX! A visual transformation of a regular finger ring into a regular coin.

IERoX strips out all the complex sleight of hand, and removes the need for pulls, threads/bands and magnets, leaving the working magician with a practical and visual technique to acheive the transformation RIGHT AT THE FINGERTIPS!

IERoX is easy to perform and can be set up at a moments notice.

Erick takes you 'by the hand' and walks you through the process of making the special gimmick that does all the hard work for you. The gimmick can be made VERY quickly and at almost no expense, chances are you have one already!  Once you have learn't the technique, you have an effect that you can set up anytime, and perform anywhere! 

Do I have to use a special ring or a special coin?

No! Use your own regular everyday finger ring, and your own regular coin!

What about the reset?

That's one of the many advantages IERoX allowing for a reset in moments, making it ideal for walk-around or corporate performing situations.

Does this need Sleight of Hand?

No! Although you will need to practice the handling to make the actions smooth and natural. IERoX takes away the need for palming to acheive this stunning effect.

Is this practical for real world performing?

Yes. There are so many visual transformations that use really UNRELIABLE methods. If you hate working with threads or wax and don't like taking chances with your performance, then IERoX could be your solution. 



"Erick, I brought this on the strength of your Gallerian Bend. Once again, I'm delighted!." J Edwards. 

"I just want to let you know that IERoX saved my skin! Last weekend, I turned up at a gig without my bag of tricks. I found what I needed to do IERoX at the venue and used it as one of my 'impromptu' tricks at the tables. THEY LOVED IT.  Once again, Thanks." Simon Marks.

"I like it! No wait, I hate it! I hate it. Please don't buy this!!  ( I want to be the only one performing it :)  )!" The Cardigan.

"Very clever thinking! The bonus production effect is good too"  N Harris.

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