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FREE shipping for orders over £40

iClear Gold (DVD and Gimmicks) by Shin Lim




Imagine. Borrowing a iPhone, then placing it in your spectator's hands. With a simple magical gesture, you cause their iPhone to become COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT!


Use as a stand-alone effect or as an unbelievable ending to any iPhone trick or routine.

As well, Shin teaches multiple methods on vanishing & reappearing the spectator's actual iPhone.

This iPhone Gimmick is the same weight, size, and feel of a typical iPhone. You're spectators won't suspect a thing.

Welcome to iClear...

Customize It (DIY required for customization of iPhone)
Multiple Effects Shown & Taught!
Custom Clear iPhone and Multiple Gimmicks Included!
Works for iPhone 5 and 5s!
Totally Examinable!

Please note: As part of setting up the gimmick, you will be required to paint a section of the gimmick yourself. Full instructions are included on the DVD. Alternatively, standard black sticky back plastic/Vinyl can be used instead of painting.